Birdfolk - Customizable Base

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PSD Files with customizable parts in Layers for you to paint and create your own Birdfolk, Aarakocra, Kenku!

Go crazy with this base, paint, draw, do marks, clothes, armors, scars, let your imagination run wild!

🔳 The Layers are Pre colored! You just need to change the colors as you want. 

🔳 Software compatibility: Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint Pro, Krita, PaintTool SAI, Gimp. (PC)

🛑 It can work on Procreate on iPad if you open the PSD on your PC, choose the layers you want and delete the ones you won't use, save it and export to Procreate. See Layers Numbers.

✅ What you can do with this base

  • Make any personal use you want;
  • Commission an artist to paint the base for you;
  • Make and sell adoptables using the base, but if you do, so please make sure to credit me;

❌ What you can't do with this base

  • Resell the PSD;
  • Resell the line art itself;
  • Create and sell a product in any kind of marketplace;
  • Take any part of this Base and sell it in any kind of marketplace;
  • Distribute this Base to others.
  • Use in any kind of NFT project;

🔳 By Purchasing this product you agree to these terms above.

This is not a Vector Art, The lines have a Pencil texture on them;

All my Bases are SFW.

I want this!

Zip File with: 7 PSDs (300 DPI), Read me.txt.

7330 x 6700 px
Medium PSD
3665 x 3350 px
Small PSD
1833 x 1675 px
2150 x 3100 px
Number of Layers
Main PSD 81, PSD without Outift: 69
48.6 MB
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Birdfolk - Customizable Base

65 ratings
I want this!